Chemical Application Notices from TurfBrands

Chemical application notices are required by regulation in many states, and often are used by lawn care companies as a public courtesy, even when not mandated by law. In years past, many companies have gotten by using the bare minimum required by regulation, usually a 4×5-inch placard with the date and (possibly) the company’s name. These small signs were considered a nuisance cost, and little attention was paid to their appearance.

That all changed with the advent of TurfMarkers™ from TurfBrands™, which transformed that nuisance cost into a powerful tool for word-of-mouth marketing. Never again will you look at chemical application notices the same way. Our TurfMarkers are printed on full-color stock, die-cut 8½x11-inch “mini billboards” that can incorporate your existing logo or be built around an entirely new design developed by our talented in-house artists. Our signs are weather resistant and mounted on custom-made, tough plastic stakes developed and manufactured specifically to allow for greater visibility and durability than standard metal or plastic step stakes.

And when you purchase chemical application notices from TurfBrands, you also get the benefit of our marketing expertise. Our owners are lifelong lawn care professionals who found out first-hand how effective TurfMarkers can be for increasing a client base. They can tell you how best to position your new lawn care signs for maximum effectiveness, as well as share other strategies that will improve your return. To get started with this innovative lawn care marketing technique, click or call today. We’ll ship your order of chemical treatment signs directly to your door, anywhere in the nation.

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