TurfMarkers – Durable, Weather Resistant Lawn Signs

Posting yard signs is a fact of life for most lawn care companies, the routine finishing touch before moving on to the next house. But if the law says you have to post visible notices of chemical application anyway, why not let the signs work for you? Turn the nuisance cost of pesticide signs into a highly effective marketing tool with TurfBrands TurfMarkers, which are durable, attractive, and cost-effective alternatives to the dull, inconspicuous 5×4 placards most companies use.

TurfMarkers are larger, more colorful, and longer-lasting than standard yard signs, which typically are thin pieces of paper or cardboard mounted on the end of a flimsy plastic or wooden stake. Tough and colorful TurfMarkers can be custom designed by the in-house artists here at TurfBrands, or we can employ a design that you bring to us. Either way, TurfMarkers are made to last, printed on waterproof and weather resistant stock that won’t curl or fade over the course of a warm, sunny afternoon.

TurfMarkers yard signs also can be mounted on our thicker, longer step stakes, specially designed by TurfBrands to aid in street visibility and ensure durability. Our step stakes are recyclable, and the built-in clip will hold the sign in place through wind or rain.

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In addition to providing lawn care companies with the most innovative advertising tools the industry has seen since the invention of the door hanger, the marketing experts from TurfBrands will explain how best to maximize your results with your yard sign in terms of sign design, sign placement, and more. These proven strategies helped the founder of TurfBrands transform his own thriving lawn care company into an even bigger success, almost exclusively through the power of word of mouth driven by the use of TurfMarkers.

These aren’t your typical yard advertising signs. They’re 8½x11-inch, die-cut miniature billboards that tell everyone in the neighborhood that this spectacular lawn is as beautiful as it is because of you. The lawn is your canvas, the TurfMarker your signature. Call or click today, and your custom designed yard treatment signs and step stakes can be delivered fast to your door anywhere in the nation in as little as two weeks.

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