TurfMarkers™ – Smart, Affordable Weatherproof Signs for Lawn Care Companies

Weatherproof signs from TurfBrands™ are the ideal replacement for those flimsy, inconspicuous chemical application signs mandated by most state governments. Our yard flags are known as TurfMarkers™, and they are the smart, affordable alternative to the standard 5×4 inch card that curls up in the sun or blows away in the rain.

There are a number of characteristics that set our weatherproof signs apart, starting with the paper stock we use. It’s thick and durable, the same kind of material used to construct juice containers and milk cartons. If you choose, you can enjoy even more durability for your lawn signs by using our specially designed step stakes, which are larger than the average yard flag post for enhanced visibility and staying power.
We also print our TurfMarkers as 8½x11, die-cut lawn posting signs – big enough to catch the eye, but small enough to comply with most HOA regulations. And then there’s the real TurfMarkers difference: our commitment to the kind of attractive design that generates conversation in a neighborhood, which of course is the main goal of word-of-mouth marketing.

One glance at the many unique designs we’ve provided for our satisfied clients is enough to give you an idea of how important we believe it is to focus on the artistry of our “mini billboards.” TurfBrands employs our own in-house artists who can turn around a full-color design made to your exact specifications within 24 hours. Or, if you already have an established logo, our designers can incorporate that into a fresh, new template specifically for your new weatherproof sign.

If you’re ready to give your lawn care company an unparalleled marketing boost using TurfMarkers weatherproof signs, click or call today. Most orders for our custom yard signs can be processed and delivered to your door anywhere in the country in as little as two weeks.

Click or call 888-539-2820 today to get started with this innovative, cost-effective marketing tool.